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PowToon: Power Up Your Slide Shows

I show a lot of slide shows. And I mean a lot. Sometimes PowerPoint and Google Slides can get a little dull. Why not surprise your students or colleagues with an engaging video clip? I recently started tinkering with PowToon, a snazzy app from the business world that allows you to turn slideshow content into an engaging video with animations and a soundtrack.

My first effort at making a one-minute PowToon is here:

I was nervous about trying to create a video, because I have almost no experience with video editing. PowToon is extremely user-friendly, even for newbies like me. I imagine it would be even easier for my students!

For starters, you can select a pre-made template video their library. You can replace their text and graphics with your own, or choose from a bank of royalty-free images. A lot of the pre-made videos are business-related, but there is a growing collection of videos for teachers on their education portal. You can use their pre-made soundtrack music, or record your own voiceover track with a microphone. For those of you with a little more ambition, you can make your own custom videos from scratch.

The PowToon editing interface in Custom Mode.


Creating a PowToon account couldn’t be easier, as PowToon automatically links to your Google Plus, LinkedIn, or Facebook account.  There is a free account option that limits video quality to 480p, adds a watermark in the bottom-right corner of the video, and locks away some of the premium options after a 48-hour trial period. Premium accounts are pricey, but have a host of cool features including 1080p HD-quality video. There are also special discounts for teachers, including a basic teacher plan currently priced at $4.99 per month, and a deluxe package at $8/month that includes license for up to 60 students.

Videos are super-easy to download and share. PowToon videos can be uploaded directly to YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia. If you pay for the premium account, you can also download your videos in .mp4 format.