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New Google Forms Preview

Google has announced that it will be revamping several Google Apps later this month, and one of the biggest changes will be to Google Forms. If you’re like me, your inner nerd probably got a little excited last week when Google changed the Forms icons from green to purple. Well, if you liked that little change, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Google has promised to roll out the revamped Google Forms during the week of September 21-25, 2015. Google promises that the new Forms will include:

  • A new interface that is much more mobile-friendly
  • A wider selection of themes, including the ability to customize a theme with your own graphics
  • New buttons that allow you to easily insert pictures and videos
  • The ability to view responses from the Form file itself, rather than opening the separate Responses spreadsheet

But you don’t have to take my word for it–you can take the new Forms for a spin right now:


NOTE: The above link will work ONLY if your Google domain administrator has allowed it. If your admin is like mine and hasn’t quite gotten around to enabling the preview yet, you will see a page that looks something like this:


This is not the preview!

This is a generic page that encourages you to “try again in a few weeks.” Fear not, fellow Googlers! Just log on using a private gmail account. When I did that, I immediately got to see the new Forms preview in all its purple splendor:


And don’t worry if you want to switch back to the “old” (current) Google Forms: see that little stick-figure person running off the page in the lower-left corner? Simply click on him/her to exit the preview. Once you do that, you’ll be sent back to the old Google Forms that you already know and love. (Although there will be a little purple stripe at the top with a button inviting you to look at the preview again, just in case.)

The mind starts to wander … How will the Flubaroo plug-in work with the new Forms? Stay tuned…