Mr. Wise Featured in Modesto Bee Article

I am grateful to reporter Nan Austin and the Modesto Bee for featuring my students in a recent article about 1:1 student device use.

As I told Ms. Austin when she interviewed me for this article, I believe student devices (in our case, Chromebooks) are part of the biggest change in education since I started teaching two decades ago. Although I am happy to be saving some trees, we must be clear that we teachers are doing much more than replacing paper assignments with electronic ones.

We are changing the nature of the questions we ask our students. We are expecting students to learn more, and to express their understanding of deeper concepts than before. In the past, we felt we had done our jobs well if our students could arrive at the correct answers.

Now, thanks to the Internet, the “correct” answers are usually just a few clicks away. Our students need to pick the best information to solve problems. We want them to assess which sources of information are appropriate and reliable, which ones aren’t, and which ones are flat-out bogus.

We want them to express their ideas in many ways, from traditional academic writing to videos, blogs, and other means of communication that we probably haven’t even imagined yet. And, most importantly, we are asking them the kinds of questions that have more than one right answer.

Here is a link to the Modesto Bee article:

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